Product Reviews

By H.M.

I love this stuff. We recently remodeled our entire house, including three bathrooms and a large kitchen. I'm still at that stage where I want everything to be perfect and shiny all the time. Unfortunately we made a number of mistakes in selecting finishes for the remodel, and faucets were one of them. We chose faucets that show absolutely every little itty-bitty watermark and fingerprint. It drives me crazy! I digress. This product makes my faucets shine and it easily removes every last bit of hard water and smudgy fingerprints. I use it every other day. It applies easily and buffs off to a brilliant shine. I couldn't live without it.

By Shopper

When having dark-brushed bronze bath fixtures installed, I read in the directions to use carnauba wax once a year to keep them looking their best. I ordered this because I have fixtures that needed it and have used it. This product is easy to apply and seems to do the job.

By Sandy

Makes the brass and chrome shine like new.

By C.

Spots are gone!!!! Before installing my California Faucets Satin Bronze bathroom faucet, I followed the manufacturer's instructions and coated it with Faucet Brite. It works beautifully, making the constant unsightly water spots easy to remove with a Kleenex or soft cloth.

The only thing I have against this polish is that it is impossible to find in stores and after a lengthy search, had to purchase it online. It isn't cheap to begin with and some sellers tack on an extra $6 - $12.95 (!) for shipping and handling.

Product FAQs

Is this product for all faucet and decorative bath fixture hardware?

It is highly recommended for all chrome and brass fixtures found in today's home. This includes faucets, towel racks, door knobs, and shower door handles.

What does it do to the surface?

It will clean, seal, and shine the surface, and produces a protective coating on the fixture which will repel water, and resist surface tarnishing. Prevents water spots and rust to increase the durability and life of the chrome and brass fixture.

What is in the formula?

The formula contains the finest carnauba waxes and polymer resins, which enhance the surface beauty and prolong the life of the actual fixture.

Where can I buy the product?,, and