Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Gel-Gloss brand of products different from other cleaners?

The majority of our products do much more than clean a surface. In one application you receive a product that cleans, seals, and shines the entire surface. Other standard cleaners currently on the market contain bleach, and do very little to protect a new surface, and nothing to revitalize an older surface. Each product found in the Gel-Gloss brand is specifically designed to maintain most of the common surfaces found in today’s home. Our specialty cleaner classification makes us unique, and separates the brand from other general all purpose household cleaners.

Where can I find the complete Gel-Gloss brand of products?

Most retailers carry a selected number of our products based only on the area, and clientele that shop in their stores. We highly recommend,, and to our enthusiastic brand followers who would like to purchase our full line of products.

Where are the Gel-Gloss brand of products manufactured?

All Gel-Gloss branded products are manufactured in the United States out of our family owned facilities located in South Gate, California.