Product Reviews

By C.D.

This is the best stuff. If you have cultured marble sink tops or stainless steel, get this product. It leaves the finish looking like the day you first moved in. I cannot find these locally but through Amazon you can get it. Buy 2 or more and you will never regret the purchase. They used to use a different label but still a pink can.

By H.B.

I was skeptical when I purchased this. But boy does it do the trick! My husband used it on a fiberglass tub that needed some shining up and it definitely worked. Then he tried it on my stainless steel dishwasher, which constantly has fingerprints and water drips on it. It went a month without a single smudge! Then we did my refrigerator, just amazing. I am a firm believer in this product now!

By Shopper

A great product for a multitude of surfaces.

By Barbara

I have used Gel-Gloss for 18 years now - it keeps our shower and counter tops looking brand new! This is good stuff!

By Denise

Love this product for my kitchen sink and my fiberglass tub and shower enclosures. Polishes up nicely and keeps looking great for weeks! TR Industries sold this to us. I ordered (2) and they arrived double boxed, with a seal over the lids to prevent accidental spillage in transit, and had both a lower and upper cardboard gap to separate the bottles from the bottom and top of the box, with a separator in the top. SO VERY WELL PACKAGED! A rare thing these days! Great product!

By Vicki

Great cleaning product.

Product FAQs

What surfaces can I use the Original Gel-Gloss on in the house?

Manufactured artificial surfaces such as fiberglass, tile, porcelain, cultured marble, acrylic, stainless steel, and chrome which are often found on tubs, countertops, bathroom vanities, sinks, showers, appliances, and decorative faucet fixtures.

Is it safe to use Gel-Gloss on tiled floors, or the floor of tubs and showers where foot traffic is common?

No. We only recommend using the product on shower and tubs walls, sinks, and countertops. It is not recommended for high traffic floor surfaces because the product creates a slippery surface immediately after being applied.

Can I use the Original Gel-Gloss on natural stone countertops, tubs, and vanity tops?

No. TR Industries, does not recommend using the Original Gel-Gloss formula on granite, real marble, or all other natural stone surfaces because it contains abrasives which can damage the surface. We highly recommend the Gel-Gloss 24oz. Counter Gloss Granite and All Natural Stone Spray for all the cleaning, sealing, and polishing of natural stone surfaces.

Where can I find the product?

Home Centers / Hardware retail: Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, Ace, True Value, and Do It Best. Our products are often merchandised in the plumbing, or household cleaning department of every store. E-Commerce:,,

What is the difference between the Original Gel-Gloss, and other kitchen and bath cleaners?

Gel-Gloss is a "one of a kind" product which actually cleans, seals, and polishes the surface in one application. There is no comparison to other basic cleaners on the market which contain bleach, and only perform the cleaning function. If you looking to rejuvenate your kitchen and bath surfaces the best choice is the Original Gel-Gloss product.

What is the difference between the Original Gel-Gloss 12oz. Aerosol Polish and Protector and the 8oz, 16oz, 64oz, and 128oz. Liquid formulas?

The aerosol spray is water based, and still cleans, seals, polishes, and rejuvenates the surface. It was originally designed for touch up, and quicker application. For tough to clean surfaces we recommend the use of our liquid cream formula first, and then follow it up with the aerosol for quick detail work on a consistent basis.

Can I use the Original Gel-Gloss on a car?

This is not recommended as the product contains abrasives which can damage the car's exterior clear coat surface.

Can I use the Original Gel-Gloss on the exterior fiberglass surface of a Boat, RV, Jet Ski, or Snowmobile?

Yes. We highly recommend the use of Gel-Gloss for all fiberglass surfaces including recreational vehicles as a cleaner, protector, and polish. Please also review our Marine-Seapower and Gel-Gloss RV brands also found on the home page of website.

Can the Original Gel-Gloss be used on indoor and outdoor fiberglass jacuzzies and spas?

Absolutely! It perfectly cleans, seals, and polishes the surface. Our product also removes surface oxidation, and chemical residue on both the tile, and the fiberglass. We do not recommend that it be used on the bottom of the jacuzzi or spa as it will create a slippery surface after application.

How do you apply the product?

TR Industries, recommends using a clean microfiber cloth to apply, and another to remove and buff out the product on the surface. For the older, harder to clean surfaces we recommend using an orbital buffer if the manual process is not effective. Multiple applications are recommended for better surface protection, and a superior shine.

How do you remove the product from the surface?

TR Industries recommends using less product rather than more when applying the product to the surface. A foggy surface is often caused by applying too much product to the surface at one time. For the removal of product from the surface we recommend the use of soap and water, and mineral spirits.