Product FAQs

Is this product just a cleaner?

No. The Gel-Gloss Cabinet Polish cleans, seals, polishes, and rejuvenates all natural wood, and laminate surfaces. Contains a unique, fast-acting cream formula which cleans, and restores the surface to a "like new" finish. Great product for older or damaged cabinetry. For simple dirt or grease clean-up on the cabinet surface, we recommend our Gel-Gloss Cabinet Cleaner 24oz. Spray as the first step.

Can this product be used on other wood and laminate surfaces such as tables and furniture?

Yes. The product provides a clean, bright, and "like-new" surface after application just like other furniture polishes on the market today.

How do you apply the product and how often?

Pour formula from the bottle directly on to a clean microfiber cloth, and immediately apply to the cabinet surface. Allow formula to penetrate the wood or laminate surface, and then buff it to a shine with a separate microfiber cloth. Consistent application is highly recommended to restore the wood and laminate surface to a "like-new" shiny finish.

Where can I purchase the product?,, and