Product Reviews

By Claudia

I just purchased a new leather couch and was looking to maintain its good condition, and this product does the job. It's not sticky, and does not leave sticky residue, nor make the couch too shiny. Works well on vinyl (i.e. car's interior etc.), too.

By Shara

I ran out of Lexol leather conditioner and thought I'd try something new. I used this on my leather sofa and my cowboy boots. It worked well and absorbed readily. I liked that it didn't change the texture of my couch. When I would use Lexol, the leather would always feel slick for a week or so afterward, which made it hard to slide into a comfortable position. But TR's product smells like lotion, but isn't too strong and the odor went away quickly.

By Susan

Will buy this product forever! If you care about the interior of your car, this is the best product to use to keep your dash and leather looking great! We have used this for a few years on all our vehicles and it makes such a huge difference in the appearance of the interior leather. And it smells really good too!

By P.

Purchased this at big box store, and it worked well for my requirement and am happy with its performance. I have been wanting to soften up a newly purchased, all leather, rifle sling I purchased on Amazon. When I saw this product at a local home improvement center, the instructions were easy to follow and the price was less than half of what it was online, so I bought the 8 oz. bottle and tried it on the leather rifle sling.

I first applied the conditioner to the "back" side of the sling with a pliable nylon-bristle brush, making sure that I didn't miss any areas. The stiff feel of the new leather seemed to feel more pliable as I worked the conditioner into the leather with the brush. I applied 2 medium applications to the backside and then one final application to the front and rubbed it in completely.

I let it dry overnight and now the leather is not as stiff and does seem more pliable, which is what I hoped it would do. I noticed the light tan finish on the leather face did change slightly from the absorption of the conditioner once it had dried. The tan leather on the face of the leather sling had a faint, micro-separation in its coloration & appearance. A thorough application of a neutral color shoe polish to the leather face restored its original appearance and it looks like new again after I buffed it with a clean cloth!

This product did soften the stiff leather and did what I wanted it to, and I plan to reapply 2 more applications to achieve the final pliability I am looking for in this leather sling.


I have used this product for several years, and have never had a problem with it altering or lightening the color on my black leather interior. Make sure to always use a clean white cloth (even old clean white socks will do), and I put the mink oil on the cloth and apply it, never directly on the leather. It distributes evenly that way. This is a great product, and helps to maintain the condition of the leather. I'll never use anything else!

Product FAQs

Is this product a leather cleaner? What does it do to the leather?

Gel-Gloss Mink Oil for Leather is classified as a leather conditioner. The product conditions, restores, and shines the leather surface while also providing a protective barrier that inhibits common surface drying and cracking. Highly recommended for leather furniture, women's purses, shoes, boots, belts, briefcases, and auto upholstery.

Will this product work on vinyl surfaces too?

Yes! The formula is just as effective at conditioning and restoring vinyl surfaces.

Is this formula an animal extract or a synthetic? Why was it formulated?

Gel-Gloss Mink Oil for Leather is a synthetic blend. No animals are used at all in the manufacturing process. The product was formulated as a conditioner to slow down the cracking and drying of the leather surface which often comes with age, and extreme weather conditions. The product creates a "like-new" soft and supple leather surface finish with consistent application.

Where can I buy the product?

Menards,,, and