Product Reviews

By Jeannen

Yes, I am very pleased with my order. I have a cleaning service and I found this wood floor cleaner, and thought I would try it on my clients' wood floors. They were very happy with the results of how good the floors looked. Needless to say I have found a keeper and will be ordering more soon... Thank you so much for a great product.

By Foxxy

I have used this product for 3+ years and am delighted with the ease of applying it, and the soft sheen it leaves on my floors. Great for laminate too.


I have dark laminate floors and this is the only cleaner that I have found that doesn't leave streaks or residue.

By Shirley

This product took off all my stains. I had to reapply it a few times and left it on overnight but it's fantastic.

Product FAQs

Does the product clean, and polish the hardwood floors?

The product was designed to clean natural wood, and laminate floors without leaving a streak. One application leaves the floor with a natural shine. If you're looking for a high gloss hardwood and laminate floor finish we recommend using a hardwood floor polish.

How do you apply the product?

Spray it on the floor, and immediately wipe it off using a clean mop or microfiber towel material. It is not recommended to allow the liquid formula to dry on the floor.

Can I use this product on natural wood and laminated cabinets, and furniture?

Yes. It can be used as a cleaner only for all natural wood and laminated surfaces.

Where can I purchase these products?

Menards, Amazon.Com, Wal-Mart.Com, and HomeDepot.Com