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How to Keep Granite and Natural Stone Counter Tops Looking New

Counter tops are the centerpiece of your kitchen and they take a beating.

With constant water splashing from the sink leaving spots and dishes being slid back and forth, those stone tops start to show the constant use.

Suddenly, the gorgeous granite counter top you love in your kitchen is no longer shining like it used to.

Naturally you begin the search for a product you can use to clean your valuable counter tops with and you find that there are many methods out there.

But the number one thing is how careful you have to be with granite and that prevention and protection are key.

Granite can soak up a stain, so if something spills you have to wipe to up right away.

It can also be scratched, so when you wipe or clean, you can’t use anything abrasive.

Yikes, it sounds like such a bad thing to put in a kitchen right?

Actually granite is less porous than marble and more resistant to bacteria, which makes it great for kitchens, but it does require a little care and maintenance.

You could use warm water and soap, but that wont remove a stain.

You could mix a paste of baking soda and water, put that on the stain and wait a half hour, but that could eat through the finish you have on the granite.

Instead you need a one-step solution that can remove the stain, the dirt, and polish your countertops.

Thats why Gel-Gloss created Counter Gloss Granite and Natural Stone Polish.

It’s a professional grade product that is specifically formulated for the cleaning and care of granite and other natural surfaces.

With its unique blend of cleaners, water spot removers, polishes and protective agents, it restores luster and shine while cleaning, sealing and protecting your valuable countertops.

The best part is you don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals or multiple steps to keep your counter tops looking brand new.

This product is environmentally-friendly, safe for all countertops, and takes care of the entire job in one easy step.

Just spray the solution on your countertops and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel.

A job that has to be done multiple times a day shouldn’t be so difficult.

Use Gel-Gloss’s environmentally friendly Granite and Natural Stone Polish so you can get back to doing what you love.